Ormonde School of Motoring Testimonials

I received driving lessons for my Rigid and Artic truck test with Ormonde School of Motoring and successfully passed the first time. During my lessons I found Brian and PJ extremely helpful and made me feel very at ease. This reflected when I did my test. I would highly recommend Ormonde School of Motoring-MJ McGuinness

For the last 14 years, Ormonde School of Driving have trained all our fire service drivers in Kilkenny Fire and Rescue Service. We are very happy with the expert training and Knowledge that we have received from P.J. and Brian of Ormonde School of Motoring. We have had a 98% success rate in passing the Driving Test. Wishing Ormonde School of Motoring, continued success
--John Collins,Senior Assistant Chief Fire Officer,Kilkenny Fire and Rescue Service

I did my driving lessons with Ormonde School of Driving and passed first time. Stewart was my instructor he showed me everything I needed to know but we could still have a laugh which was good. He found something you liked and made the driving relate to that. I would recommend ormond school of driving again-Robert Ryan

My name is Julia Ponsonby. I received driving lessons from Stewart Butler to prepare for my driving test. As I had heard so much about the inevitable driving test, I thought it was a good idea to choose the best school of motoring available to me in Kilkenny, so I chose the Ormond School of Motoring. I received many lessons and enjoyed them greatly. My instructor, Stewart Butler, was a great mentor. He thought me how to drive safely and correctly on the road and I subsequently passed my test first time. I looked forward to every lesson because along with learning so much I also had a great laugh!Finally I would like to recommend the Ormond School of Motoring, and predominantly Stewart Butler if you would like to pass your test first time!-Julia Ponsonby,Passed driving test first time on 24/4/2010.

larmcgrath.jpgWith The Ormonde School of Motoring I successfully acquired my category C Driving Licence.From our initial introduction,Brian Butler, the Driving Instructor helped me every step of the way. Giving me advice and encouragement as I progressed with my driving lessons.Bringing me to the level to drive competently in accordance with the rules of the road and knowing when I was ready to take that test. With Brian Butler (ADI) my test preparation was carried out in a professional manner.-Lar McGrath.

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