Steps to apply for a Learner's Permit

approved_driving_instructor_logo.jpgFrom 30th October 2007 the learner permit has replaced the existing provisional licence. A learner permit is issued to allow a person to learn to drive.

Before you apply for your learner permit you must pass your driver theory test.

You must have a current provisional licence or learner permit to take your driving test and your licence/permit must be for the same category of vehicle as the one your will use in your test.

Apply for your First Learner Permit

A Learner Permit is usually valid for 2 years only. To apply for your first permit, follow these steps:

Step 1: Get a Driving Theory Test Certificate

To get a Driving Theory Test Certificate, you must pass the Driving Theory Test.
To Sit the test, contact the Driver Theory Test Service on 1890 606 106

Step 2: Complete your ‘Apply for a Learner Permit Form’ D.201 available from your local Motor Tax Office, Garda Station or Library.

Step 3: Two identical passport-type photographs, with the reverse of both signed by you.

Step 4: A Birth Certificate or Passport

Step 5: Download a copy of the Medical report D.501, if applicable

Step 6: Download a copy of the Eyesight report – Form D.502

Step 7: Fee – A learners permit is usually issued for 2 years and costs €15

You will receive your Learner Driving Permit within 5 working days if sent by post.

Contact the Ormonde School of Motoring to learn how to apply for a Learner's permit